• KITA Held ‘International Videoconference on Post-pandemic of COVID-19’
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    KITA Held International Videoconference on Post-pandemic of COVID-19’


    - Trade Minister, WTO Deputy Director-General, International Trade Minister of Canada, etc. took part in the conference and agreed on ‘international cooperation’ -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) said that the organization had held an international videoconference on May 27th. The videoconference was designed to examine the global environment for trade and discuss international cooperation to restore the multilateral trade order with a view to being prepared for the post-pandemic era.


    The experts around the globe, including Trade Minister Yoo Myung-hee of Korea, Deputy Director-General Alan Wolff of the World Trade Organization (WTO), International Trade Minister Mary Ng of Canada, Vice President and Managing Director Wendy Cutler of the Asia Society Policy Institute (former deputy USTR), a senior fellow Mary E. Lovely at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and Professor Ahn Duk-geun of Seoul National University's Graduate School of International Studies participated in the videoconference as speakers. 


    Trade Minister Yoo Myung-hee said in the opening speech, In order to cope with the lack of global leadership as a result of the recent conflicts between the United States and China as well as growing protectionism due to the spread of new coronavirus, international cooperation is more important than ever.” She stressed, A multilateral trade system that ensures the free movement of goods and human resources across borders will be the key to overcoming this global crisis.” She also stated, Korea will contribute to strengthening the WTO and multilateralism by cooperating with many major countries, and added, It is urgent to establish ‘global trade investment guideline’ to deal with other cases of emergencies and crisis in the future.


    The experts from home and abroad, who presented as speakers and panelists, agreed that in order to normalize the global trade contracted by the pandemic, it is urgent to restore multilateralism. Deputy Director-General Alan Wolff said, "In the face of such challenges, in order for the WTO to function as a medium of cooperation, harmony and consultation, the role of member countries, including Korea, is essential."


    Shin Seung-kwan, head of Center for Trade Studies and Cooperation at KITA, emphasized, We will continue to provide opportunities for discussion on international cooperation in the post-pandemic era. We will also expand our functions as a private think tank, such as delivering opinions from trade businesses, analyzing current trade issues, and providing information.


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